University Commons Library

Jeri Kelch, Chair

I believe that our Library is a great resource for our UC Community.  It is great fun to spend some time reading, enjoying, and learning from the many books in the Library.  Thanks to all of you for donating the books you have read, for other’s enjoyment.  There are bookmarks on the table for you to make personal comments about a book, which might encourage others to read it.  Just put the bookmark inside the book.  When you check out a hard cover book, please complete the card with month and year so we can evaluate the book’s usage.  You need not return the paperbacks if you would like to pass them on to friends.

Our shelves are full of fiction, nonfiction, history, audio books, DVDs and more.  There are reference books, a section on health issues and much more.  Take a few minutes to look around if you haven’t done so recently.  

The Library Committee members sign up for a week to maintain the Library.  They re-shelve, check in books, straighten books and magazines and generally keep the Library looking great.

Twice a year, the Committee meets to “process“ the books that have been donated and then put them out on the shelves.  Members select the books that are appropriate for the library or reject books in bad or moldy condition. These rejected books are sent to The Thrift Shop where they are sold to benefit that organization.  It is a fun and productive process. 

New members for the Committee are always welcome.  Please contact me, Jeri Kelch  904-5454 if you would like more information about the library.

Current Committee Members:

Lydia Bates                                Deborah Smith                        Elke Clark

Mary Ann Buckley                     Joyce Crane                             Leonore Gerstein         

Ann Taber                                  Pearson Macek                       Michael Nolte

Alyce Sigler                                Eeta Gershow                          Jeri Kelch, Chair         

Penny Morris                             Carolyn Morris                       


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