Buying & Selling

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The University Commons office is not involved in buying and selling of units.  Contact any Ann Arbor realtor for information on units that are currently for sale.

To learn more about the styles of units, visit our Home Options or Floor Plans pages.

University Commons properties are all individually owned. We are an adult community and have age and other restrictions in place as to who can buy. Check our FAQs section for more info on who can live here.

Resale Documents

Our Governing Documents include the University Commons Association Bylaws and Master Deed. Other resale documents may be required based on lender requirements. The University Commons Office  can assist you in obtaining additional documents such as lender/mortgage questionnaires, covenant inspection request, realtor fact sheets, and appraiser information. 

Potential buyers must submit a University Commons Membership Application for approval by the Board. An approved buyer must pay a one time $1000 University Commons membership fee at the time the Purchase and Sale Agreement is executed for their University Commons home.