University Commons Veterans Exhibit

1-Veterans List

This exhibit is a tribute to sixteen people who live or have lived at University Commons and served in World War II.

Over the years, four residents shared their wartime experiences with the community during “5 O’ Clock” talks. Hearing these stories inspired me to want to find out if there were others whose stories were not widely known.

With the help of numerous museums, archives, and libraries, I discovered that there are twelve additional UC residents who served. Each story is unique and filled with ever-present danger.

Many of the families of the honorees assisted me in putting together their stories. I remain in awe of the bravery of our friends and neighbors whose service remained generally unknown until now.

Enid Wasserman
University Commons Resident
July 2019

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Vijaya Nagesh Nidamaluri
Lee Curtner
George DeMuth
Victor Douvan
Stefan Fajans
Robben Flemming
Francis Joyce
John King
Joseph Lawrence
Bea McLogan
Ted McLogan
Claude Morehouse
Bradford Perkins
Gail Rector
Don Smith
Stephen Stanton
Fran Weeks
Parade Down Main Street