How are these monthly association fees and the one-time membership fee used?

  • The monthly association fee is comprehensive and covers many services and expenses, such as maintenance of the grounds, some in-home services (e.g. annual replacement of furnace filters), contracted services (e.g. semi-annual exterior window cleaning, snow removal), water and sewer costs for all units, and the services of a professional management company which specializes in condominium management. In addition, a portion of the monthly association fee goes into the Replacement Reserve, a long-term fund which provides monies for capital expenditures not budgeted for as part of the annual maintenance and repair budget.
  • The monthly program fee goes toward the cost of a part-time business assistant and a full-time Community Director who coordinates lectures, music programs, and classes. It also goes toward the costs of maintaining the library, shop, classrooms, and the dining and recital/lecture halls. It provides the funding for post-lecture receptions and a special biennial event, the Asa Gray Lecture. All of UC’s events are available to residents and their guests at no charge. Special events may occasionally have a fee.
  • The monthly AT&T U-verse fee pays for high definition TV for each unit (over 200 TV entertainment channels) and program recording capability for up to 2 TV sets; 15 Mbps internet for each unit; and unlimited phone service for each unit, which includes long distance for US and Canada.
  • The one-time association membership fee goes into a Restricted Fund which is used for educational and program related expenses. For example, in 2008, a new sound system was installed in UC’s Lecture Hall. Software and equipment are periodically updated.

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